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Endorion and the last human
Updated: 9/25/2020
Endorion and the last human
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  • Just go back to your world human you don't belong here your useless. Take this portal out and leave
  • Crisis- As Camilla and Ospein enter the castle they were automatically found by the kings dragon. They were dragged in to the king; his face dark and solid. The dragon pounced on top of Ospein and threw his animal body against a wall. Camilla yelled with tears in her eyes for him, but no respond. The king saw her and knew at once she was human and opened a portal to Earth. He told her to leave and that she was nothing, She got up and could only see red.
  • Treasure- As Camilla came at the king started to throw spells like a Frisbee at her. She dodged and dodged and finally made it up to the king where she grabbed his sleeve and threw him into the fire pit. She turned around to see that the dragon was turning to ashes. She saw Ospein laying on the ground motion less. She picked up his body but his fox body was dead. She put him down and walked to the ballroom to see the seed and a strange man. She grabbed the seed and asked who the man was
  • Result- The man spoke slowly with a raspy voice. It sounded so familiar. " Oh Camilla you know who I am." the man said. Camilla looked into his eyes and realized who it was. It was Ospein! She hugged him and with tears in her eyes and knew he finally got his revenge to the king which now looked very similar to him. Ospein told her that long ago the king ( his own brother) turned him into a fox so he would become king. Ever since he had lived in the woods until Camilla found him.
  • Return- As Camilla took the journey home she saw how all the places she had once passed by is very dark and could be so much better off if they were helped.
  • New life- When Camilla arrived home Darla the bird lady was over whelmed with joy and was so proud that Camilla got the seed. Camilla told Darla about her journey and how now she wants to help the rest of Endorion. Camilla had changed so much in just 3 days that Darla was sure she could do it
  • Resolution- Darla made sure Camilla got some food and sleep and headed back towards the dungeon to make more spells. She knows that one day Camilla will have to return to Earth but that day is not for a while for now and now she can hope that Endorion will maybe just maybe become a powerful land once again
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