Social Security

Updated: 5/19/2020
Social Security

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  • Maybe I can help. After all I am the Social Security Fairy.
  • How will I be able to pay for all this stuff after I'm too old to work?!
  • Do you have a social security number, which is a confidential number to identify someone? You also need it to work and pay taxes as well as receive benefits.
  • Social security is a benefits program that helps people that are not able to work anymore not fall into poverty.
  • What is social security exactly?
  • Do I qualify for Social Security?
  • Well, for retirement benefits you must be at the age of at least 62 to receive money and you must have also worked a minimum or 10 years equating to about 40 credits.
  • Great! Now you must decide what type of social security you want to apply for. Retired benefits, disabled benefits, or survivor benefits.
  • Yes, I do have a social security number, my employer has used this to withhold tax from my paycheck and pay me
  • Whats the difference?
  • Disabled benefits are only available if you meet their definition of disabled and are unable to work. You must also have also worked the appropriate amount of years dependent on your age.
  • Yes, these are called Survivor benefits. But they are only eligible if you worked more than 10 years. But if you were younger you would only need to work the appropriate amount of years dependent on your age. Your spouse must be over 60 to revive benefits or 50 and disabled or any age if they are taking care of dependents.
  • What happens to my wife and kids after I die? Can they get my benefits.
  • They would be able to acquire survivor benefits as well if they are under 16 or if they are an adult and enrolled in school full time. They can also be acquired if your child is disabled or has a dependent parent over 62. They must also not be married.
  • What about my children if my wife were to die?
  • Thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate it.
  • Well it's what I do! Goodbye.