12th Night Final Assignment
Updated: 5/15/2020
12th Night Final Assignment
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  • Characters present left to right: Orsino, Olivia, Viola, Toby, Andrew, Fool, Fabian, Curio, and Lords
  • Characters present left to right: Orsino, Olivia, Viola, and Sebastian
  • Characters present left to right: Orsino, Olivia, Viola, Sebastian, Fool, and Fabian
  • Toby and Fool arrive with many a wounds, but untreated because all the doctors they know of are intoxicated. Olivia is fed up with their drama and sends them to one of her rooms be attended to.
  • Characters present left to right: Orsino, Olivia, Viola, Sebastian, Malvolio, Fabian, and Fool
  • When Sebastian enters, he takes blame for hurting the men. His presence confuses many because he is in the same image as Viola. Sebastian also claims to have married Olivia, which would explain her confusion. Viola then explains how she is female and was told to cover her identity for her safety by her captain. Orsino still tries to woo Olivia, but it is too late. They then agree to get the Captain for validation, but somehow he ended up with Malvolio
  • Characters present left to right: Orsino, Viola, Olivia, Sebastian, Fabian, and Fool
  • They begin to discuss the matter of Molvios insanity. Fool even has the letter that Malvio sent to Olivia as reason for him to seek revenge. They begin to read it after some quarreling (Fool doesn't think it good to read the letter), and realize how crazy for vengeance he really is. While they send Fabian to get Malvolio, Orsino apologizes for his jealous actions and asks for Violas hand because she/he is so loyal to Orsino, but only if she is proven female.
  • When Malvolio arrives he immediately starts saying that they will rue the day they went against him, and hands them more proof; Another letter that he thinks Olivia wrote. When they look at it though it was written by Maria. Fabian and Fool confess that they told Maria to write it in hopes to turn Olivia against Malvolio. Olivia starts to feel pity toward them, but then Molvolio still wants revenge and storms away.
  • Olivia starts to feel sad again for Malvolio because it was almost as if he never got a chance to be kind. Orsino then sends some people after him to ease his anger. Orsino then takes Viola to see the captain so shecan prove her gender, and if she can, then Her and Orsino will be married!
  • This play ends with Malvolio easing his yearn for revenge, Sebastian and Olivia married, Orsino and Viola soon to be married, and a song sang by the Fool explaining his life with Orsino.
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