How to make a Mummy
Updated: 2/8/2020
How to make a Mummy

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6 steps to make a mummy.

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  • 1. Clean the dead body
  • 2. Remove the organs except the heart
  • 3. Soak body in Natron and apply oil 
  • First the dead body is cleaned, you don't want to do operation on a dirty body! And people in the old times have really, really horrible hygiene!
  • 4. Stuff the body with linen
  • Then you remove all organs and put them is different jars with shape of Egyptian gods, except for the heart. They need the heart for the afterlife.
  • 5. Wrap the body
  • Now you soak the body in Natron, a kind of salt, for 40 days to take out the moisture. And then you apply oils and lotion to soften the skin
  • 6. Finally it is placed in the Sarcophagus
  • After that you stuff the body with linen, a very strong, absorbent fiber, to keep the shape and to dry it out.
  • Then you have to wrap the dead body completely and it takes about 15 days. Egyptians warp the body so they can preserve it. The dead body actually is preserved really long!
  • Finally the body is placed in 5 different coffins, one inside another. Also a mask is placed on the head, and don't forget his or her valuables are usually buried with them.