Christianity storyboard
Updated: 1/30/2020
Christianity storyboard
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  • Jesus was born in bethlehem and baptized by John the baptist
  • Many referred to him as "messiah" which means king which worried leaders so he was sentenced tp crucifiction
  • Christianity spread further during the Pax Romana. Paul, another disciple, emphasized that jesus was god's son and died for everyone's sins.
  • Jesus preached, taught, did good deeds, and carried out miracles. He taught monotheism and the 10 commandments and focused on god's personal relationship with each human and love for all. He gathered disciples who later wrote the gospels, a part of the bible. 
  • Jesus rose from the dead and went to heaven. One of his disciples, peter, began spreading his teachings into palestine and syria.
  • Christians wouldn't worship Roman gods so when a bad fire happened, Nero blamed christians and persecuted them. The jews tried to rebel but it caused a diaspora and thousands died.
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