Beowulf poster
Updated: 11/4/2020
Beowulf poster

Storyboard Text

  • I am Beowulf. I am here to kill Grendel and save your country.
  • Don't run you gruesome bastard!
  • In Scandinavia, the Herot Tower is successfully built, so the soldiers and royalties held a big ceremony. However, this ceremony attracted attention of Monster Grendel. He attacked the place at the night and killed a lot of people.
  • Great Beowulf choose to go to help these ancient Danish people. He took 14 soldiers in order to beat Grendel successfully. People held a big ceremony again in order to celebrate the coming of Beowulf in Herot Tower again.
  • Grendel went to Herot Toewr again to seek some fresh blood and body. When Grendel was eating one of Beowulf soldier's body, Beowulf was carefully watching his action. At the moment Beowulf rushed to Grendel, he grabbed Grendel's arm and twisted it. Grendel ran away and lost his arm.
  • Let me fight with you!
  • In the night, Grendel's mother walked into the tower and tried to avenge for her son. Since the soldiers used too much time to prepare for the fight, Grendel's mother grabbed one of the consuls away.
  • Beowulf went to fight with Grendel's mother at the bottom of lake. He found that he can't hurt her by the sword. Therefore, Beowulf took a large magical sword beside him and killed her by cutting her head off.
  • After defeating Grendel's mother, Beowulf became ruler of the country for 50 years. One day, a servant stole a golden cup from dragon's treasure. Losing of treasures provoked dragon. At the final battle with dragon, beowulf cuts its head off, but he also died because of the poison of dragon's teeth.