All Summer In A Day
Updated: 3/16/2021
All Summer In A Day

Storyboard Text

  • "...And they had writtensmall stories or essays or poems about it:Ithink the sun is a flower,That blooms for just one hour. That was Margot’s poem, read in a quiet voice in the still classroom while the rain was falling outside. "Aw, you didn’t write that!" protested one of the boys. "I did," said Margot. "I did." (Page 1)
  • "...she remembered the sun and the waythe sun was and the sky was when she was four in Ohio. And they, they had been on Venus all their lives, and they had been only two years old when last the sun came out and had long since forgotten the color and heat of it and the way it really was." (Page 2)
  • "They surged about her, caught her up andbore her, protesting, and then pleading, andthen crying, back into a tunnel, a room, acloset, where they slammed and locked thedoor." (Page3)
  • "The sun came out.It was the color of flaming bronze and itwas very large. And the sky around it was ablazing blue tile color. And the jungle burned with sunlight as the children, released from their spell, rushed out, yelling into the springtime." (Page 3)
  • "A few cold drops fell on their noses andtheir cheeks and their mouths. The sun faded behind a stir of mist. A wind blew cold around them. They turned and started to walk back toward the underground house, their hands at their sides, their smiles vanishing away." (Page 4)
  • ""She’s still in the closet where we locked her.""Margot."They stood as if someone had driven them, like so many stakes, into the floor." (Page 4)