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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/25/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The Berlin conference officially started in 1884. As european countries barged into Africa. Seeking land because in those times land was power.
  • Berlin Conference
  • When the German conquered our lands during the berlin conference and the Belgium conquered us during WWI. Both countries were biased giving the Tutsis education government roles and so much privilege over the Hutus. They left the Hutus in poverty. The two groups of people the lived peacefully together until the europeans started brewing hatred in the groups toward each other.
  • Rwandan Genocide
  • Children are taken away from their homes and families in Africa to fight in armies or rebel groups. Especially in civil wars. The children are so young when they are taken away they do not even understand what is going on. The children are briefly taught how to load and fire An AK-47 and then are filled with drugs and sent onto the battlefield. They children do what they are told as soldiers because if they try to disobey the commands and leave they are killed by their commanders.
  • Children Soldiers & conflict diamonds
  • When the europeans came into our land they did horrible things. They pushed us out of our homes, mixed groups of people and treated them differently, and finally they robbed us of our riches. Although the europeans eventually were overthrown one by one not all countries have been gone since recently.
  • The effects from the Berlin conference are long term on our continent. Cultures were ruined are mines were mined dry to the bone and civil wars began among people who were once in unity and peace together.
  • The Hutu took over the Tutsi and forced them out of the country . The Hutu president eventually signed a peace agreement with RPF formed by the Tutsi shortly after the Presidents plane was shot down. Only a hour after on on April 6, 1994 the Hutus and rwandan army were instructed to kill as many Tutsis as possible.
  • The RPF began to attempt to end the genocide and protect the Tutsis of Rwanda. In June 1994 they have conquered almost all of Rwanda and the genocide is over. Now the country is very successful and modern day. Although the country is successful it is still hard for those who were affected to forgive the Hutu.
  • Even children do this to support their families financially. The children only bring in about 1-2 dollars a day which is not worth it based on the working conditions of the mines. Young women also sell water, food, and there bodies near the mines to the exhausted workers. The mines are also not licensed in most places in Africa. The mines are very dangerous and no child should have to risk themselves every day to make money that is also illegal.
  • Conflict Diamonds are diamonds that are mined by a country or militia group that are then sold for profit to fund a country's military needs. Conflict diamonds have been banned and if you are caught using these transactions you can be in a lot of trouble. Africa is rich in diamonds and many people dig for them 365 days a year non-stop as their job.
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