Russian Revolution Storyboards
Updated: 12/21/2019
Russian Revolution Storyboards
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  • Boys we finally have freedom! Rasputin is dead!
  • Yeah after poisoning, shooting, and beating him.
  • Before the Revolution began, many workers brought a petition to Czar Nicholas's palace.
  • Between 500 and 1,000 unarmed people were killed after police chiefs ordered them to fire.
  • We want Food! We are Hungry!!
  • We don't want to be treated like peasants!
  • Stop! The Duma says Stop!
  • Industrial workers riot because of poor stabilization causing the Duma to be re-established.
  • No more War!
  • Thanks to Lenin, I can still run my farm!
  • Vladimir Lenin leads the Bolsheviks to power over Russia. This gives freedom and peace with Germany.
  • We, the Bolsheviks, now control power of Russia!
  • During the Civil war against the white army and the red army, the red army won ensuring Lenins' power.
  • We won! You czarist are over!!!
  • Bolsheviks could eliminate anyone who they suspected of being against communism. This was called "Red Terror".
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