Academic Dishonesty Board

Updated: 10/13/2021
Academic Dishonesty Board

Storyboard Text

  • Academic IntegrityScenario #4
  • Hey, for homework do half of it and I will do the other half and then lets share our answers.
  • Tommy & Chucky are still devastated that they have to take out there play time for some ILA homework so the plan to each do half of the homework then share the answers.
  • Ok, good idea so we can play our video game earlier
  • ok so the answer for question - is ---------.
  • Once Jimmy & Chucky get home the each finish 5 questions of the work then share there answers
  • The next day Mrs. Lawrence collects all of the homework but has a suspicion that Tommy & Chucky cheated
  • Ok class I have all of your homework and there seems to be a problem for tommy's and chucky's homework so could you please meet me after class
  • Ok, so have a suspicion that you guys cheated on the homework questions. So please respond truthfully, did you cheat?
  • Mrs. Lawrence talk to Tommy and Chucky but they both lie saying they didn't cheat
  • No, maam
  • 1. I would consider this cheating, because first of Timmy and Chucky share there test answers when it is independent work. To add on, they lie to the teacher saying that they didn't cheat.2. Tommy & Chucky3. Tommy and Chucky secretly traded half of there INDEPENDANT homework to each other without the teacher knowing, and after lied to the teach saying they didn't cheat.4. I would do my work myself and tell the other person that it is bad to cheat because we are at school to learn not jut get good grades.