WDC Comic Strip
Updated: 3/13/2020
WDC Comic Strip

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  • Lipstick on the Mirror
  • Go home
  • Marching Band Incident
  • News Reporters at Ms.Bates House
  • Melba had to go to the bathroom really bad and she was going to hold it until she got home but went anyways. She went in the bathroom and people were whispering. She tried to hurry and got out of the stall quickly. She washed her hands fast too with only a few drops of water. That's when she saw that someone wrote on the mirror saying to go home written in lipstick.
  • When Melba was walking with Danny they passed the marching band. They were chanting mean things to her. Then one of them came and slammed the books out of her hands and onto the floor. They were surrounded by thugs. Danny told her to not move and that kept her from running for her life.
  • When the Little Rock Nine left the school they went to Ms.Bates house. That's when she saw the news reporters and they started asking her lots of questions. One of the questions they asked her stuck in her mind. The question was are you going back tomorrow? Melba wasn't sure if she wanted to go back to Central High.