Updated: 2/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Philosophies ( Confuciusism)
  • They are so rude.why would they say that?
  • Did you see his clothes they are so ugly.
  • I know right.
  • Inventions
  • look i made this thing out of old stuff i found.
  • o cool it looks wired.
  • ha ha i have more land and more corn they you how do you feel.
  • Dynasties
  • i dont care because i am better then you and i will get my land back.
  • There are two people that are making fun of sam and taking about his clothes and he doesnot like it so he does it make to them to make it even.
  • abominations
  • Billy is showing jill his new invention it is the toothbrush . And the year he made the toothbrush is in 1498. And he made it with coarse horse hairs attached to bone or bamboohandles.
  • There are to leader, And the one in blue has more land and more corn the the red one is mad and says that he is better then him and that he can win back his land and takes his land with it.