Exodus Story Board
Updated: 12/8/2020
Exodus Story Board

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  • We have to go somewhere else!!
  • But where?!Egypt, maybe?
  • Why did we come here?
  • Not on my watch!!!
  • Please Pharaoh, let my people go!
  • Moses!!
  • The patriarch Abraham made a covenant with God promising that if he and his family left Ur and traveled to Canaan, that one day, it would be his descendants promised land. Years later, a famine struck in Canaan, and Abraham's grandson, Jacob fled with his family to Egypt. But, as they grew numerous, the pharaoh no longer trusted them and their monotheistic ways. So, he enslaved them.
  • We're free!!
  • But where to now?!
  • The pharaoh ordered all male sons of the Israelite's to be killed to stop the grow in population. Moses was kept hidden, and eventually became known as the pharaoh's grandson. Moses wanted to help the Israelite's after hearing a commandment from God. Moses asked the pharaoh to allow them to leave, but of course, the pharaoh wouldn't let is best slaves leave.
  • I have the commandments!
  • Moses threatened to send plagues across Egypt, but still the pharaoh would not budge. The first nine plagues brought frogs, flies, and sickness to every Egyptian, but still the pharaoh remained stubborn. Finally, God issued the tenth plague, one the pharaoh had to give in to. The death of every first-born son.
  • Lets go give an offering!!
  • The Israelite's marked their doors with the blood of a lamb to make sure no one was killed in their home that night. All of the Egyptians did not mark their door, not even aware of what was to happen. The next morning, a cry went up from the Egyptians. The pharaoh ordered the Moses and the Israelite's to leave. They were finally free!!
  • Luckily, Moses had a plan. The Israelite's were led through the dessert, to Mount Sinai. God was waiting there to give Moses the ten commandments. The ten commandments were made to ensure the Israelite's lived correctly. Moses climbed up the tall mountain, and was given a stone with the the ten commandments. He returned to the Israelite's and explained the rules.
  • Moses returned to his people and explained what the commandments were and how to obey them. After living in the Desert for forty years, the Israelite's conquered many enemies and small empires. They continued to obey God's laws, and gave many sacrifices to God.
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