Mae Jemison

Updated: 2/10/2021
Mae Jemison

Storyboard Text

  • Mae Jemison: Astronaut
  • I am so excited, I'm the first African American women to become an astronaut. I hope that I'm not the last
  • Mae Jemison: Doctor
  • I just became a Medical Officer with the Peace Corps in West Africa
  • Mae Jemsion: Engineer
  • Even though I'm finished my NASA mission I want to continue to work and help with advanced technologies
  • Mae Jemison is the first African American women to become ans astronaut. At the time she was the only African American woman astronaut. Her maiden space flight was in September 1992
  • She is not only the first African American woman to become an astronaut but she is also a medical doctor. She worked as a Medical Officer for the Peace Corps in West Africa. She also worked on several projects with the National Institutes of Health and the CDC including developing the hepatitis B vaccine.
  • After completing her NASA mission she formed the Jemison Group to develop and market advanced technologies . Her company is still active today approximately 25 years later.