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Updated: 4/3/2019
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  • B A N K
  • The Stock Market crashed ok Tuesday of OCT 29, 1929. They called it black Tuesday; everyone who invested in stocks lost all their money. Welcome to... THE GREAT DEPRESSION
  • The banks had invested wildly in stocks and when it crashed, the banks lost a bunch of money and people started withdrawing all their money. And that caused banks to run out of money and forced them to close. And that caused companies to close which meant people became unemployed and couldn't pay for their food and living expenses.
  • Since many people became homeless, they had to build shelters to protect themselves from natural weather and other things. These shelters were made with scraps and whatever they can find; eventually, every main/big city had lots filled with these shelters and people. The people called it "Hooverville" because they blamed the POTUS and the gov for not helping them.
  • The US started getting not getting any rain and that caused all the crop and soil to dry up and turned into dust; and where that happened had a lot of wind which caused a dust bowl. The wind blew the dust all over the US; since there was no rain, crops couldn't grow and that caused a food shortage which made food cost a lot more. Since food costed much more people who lost their jobs had to line up for very bad food but was free because they couldn't afford the normal good/better food anymore.
  • The Great Migration was a event of many people moving towards the north, most of these people were former slaves and colored people looking for a better life. It was said that the north was better then the south which is why many people moved there; it was better but still wasn't what it said it would promise. When they got to the north there was still a lot of discrimination, and that caused a big riot.
  • There was a huge riot and people died or got wounded. This riot happened in Chicago and it was called the "Red Summer". Also, many of the white residents didn't want to sell homes or property to the colored/African Americans.
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