Farmers to gatherers storyboard
Updated: 11/12/2020
Farmers to gatherers storyboard

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  • Food Supply
  • Before the Neolithic age, I had to move from place to place to get my food. Now I can stay in one place and grow crops to survive.
  • Trade
  • Its easier to trade for items that I need instead of traveling really far.
  • Shelter
  • Since I'm a nomad, I had to stay in different caves as I traveled in search of food.
  • When the Neolithic age came, humans learned how to grow crops on farmlands for food. Before that, they had to travel from place to place in search of food to survive.
  • Communities
  • Living in a community is way safer than living in caves because our houses protect us from wild animals and bad weather.
  • In the Paleolithic age, people had to travel really far to get the things that they needed. When trade was invented, people could exchange items with one another.
  • Jobs
  • Since I am a farmer, I grow crops for myself and my community so that we can stay alive.
  • In the Paleolithic age, nomads would have to stay in different caves as they traveled to find food. In the Neolithic age, people made permanent shelters like houses.
  • In the Paleolithic age, people lived in small groups and they wouldn't be protected against wild animals. In the Neolithic age, people lived in communities where they could be protected by people they trusted.
  • In the Paleolithic age people had jobs to make sure that they had enough food to survive and not die out.In the Neolithic age, there were a variety of different jobs like farmers and bakers.
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