Much Ado about Nothing
Updated: 12/15/2020
Much Ado about Nothing

Storyboard Text

  • Don Pedro, Benedick and Claudio come back to Messina from the war to meet Leonarto and his two daughters Beatrice and Hero and the rest of the town. Claudio sets his eyes on Hero whilst both Beatrice and Benedick are adiment that they do not want to get married. Don Pedro plans to ask Hero out for Claudio whilst pretending to be him at the masked ball
  • At the ball Don Pedro pretends to be Claudio and asks for her hand in marriage, however claudio thinks he is taking hero for himself and becomes jealous. Meanwhile Beatrice and Benedick are roasting each other
  • Don John planned to frame hero for cheating and so Borachio and Margret pretend to be hero and Claudio and Claudio believes that Hero is heating
  • Claudio waited untill the wedding when he then shames Hero in front of the whole of Messina about how she was impure and a cheater. Leonarto believed Claudio and disowned hero and slaped her accrose the face. Benedick,the pastor and Beatrice believed otherwise. During this time Benidick and Betrice began to like each other a lot more
  • Barachio was caught by Dogberry as he confessed to framing hero. He then apologised and revealed that Don John was in fact the mastermined behind the plan
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