SS project
Updated: 3/16/2021
SS project

Storyboard Text

  • Robert E. Reynolds principal of Hazelwood high school took 2 articles out of a school newspaper. One was about teen pregnancy, and one on effects of divorce on teens.
  • Principal's Office
  • I find these articles inappropriate for a school newspaper. so I am going to remove them.
  • He took our articles out of the school newspaper Cathy.
  • What happened!?
  • Cathy Kuhlmeier, Leslie smart, Leane Tippen the authors of the articles, see that the 2 articles that they wrote aregone.
  • Do pages 1 - 5 in your textbook.
  • He took away our freedom of speech and press and violated our first amendment rights
  • We won't let him get away with this. I want to take this to court.
  • Sing up for art club
  • News paper is out
  • I can't believe it!
  • In January 13, 1988 the supreme court voted in favor of the school. it was a 5 - 3 decision. The supreme court said schools have the right to censor, if not appropriate and goes against school educational missions.
  • I rule in favor of the kids.
  • I rule in favor of the school.
  • I rule in favor of the school.
  • Cathy we lost, the case at the supreme court.
  • our lawyer didn't say all of the facts.
  • What!? I can't believe it.
  • To rap things up. The decision of the supreme court give schools the power to censor students if it's not appropriate for a school. students need to have approval from school so therit freedom of speech is limited.