Updated: 3/19/2020

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  • I think I'll tag all the managers for inputs on the 2020b Bash Party, but tagging 7 people seems to be too much work. Ah well!
  • Hi guys, Karthik, Saurav, Manish, Chethan, Sathish, Raghavendra, Anjali. Do you guys have inputs for locations to conduct the R2020b Bash Party in the current scenario?
  • I wish there was an easier way to tag specific groups of people without notifying the entire team. Maybe I'll ask Anurag about it.
  • Hi Anurag. Is there any way to tag specific groups of people in Teams collectively, instead of tagging individually?
  • You can use existing custom tags to tag a select group of people.
  • For instance, I saw your Bash Party Post. In that, you could have tagged simply as Managers EDG IN BGL
  • Wow! As simple as that? And they all get notified?
  • Yep, Teams help is always given to those in IN BGL EDG who ask for BGL EDG - MS Teams Help.
  • Yep, and not only that. You can request them to create custom tags for specific groups of people, which would benefit us all.
  • Oh nice! I'll think of some tags which we might need generally.
  • Subtly done, dude!