romeo and juliet

Updated: 1/6/2021
romeo and juliet

Storyboard Text

  • after Juliet's parents find out that she is planning on marrying Romeo instead of Paris they are furious and send her to her room saying that if she doesn't marry Paris she will be disowned.
  • Juliet asks Friar Lawrance for help. Friar Lawrance gives Juliet a bottle of liquid and tells her that if she drinks it she will appear dead for 42 hours but will only be asleep. When Juliet is found "dead" after drinking the liquid the wedding is called off and she is put in the capulet tomb where Romeo is supposed to be waiting when she wakes up.
  • Romeo hears the news of Juliet's death and is heartbroken. He buys a bottle of deadly poison and heads to Juliet's tomb to see her one last time.
  • Romeo enters the tomb and is greeted by Paris. Romeo is furious. Anger fills Romeo so he fights Paris to death. After the fight Romeo walks over to Juliet and kisses her one last time before drinking the poison and killing himself.
  • Juliet wakes up hoping to see Romeo ready to start their new life together but instead she finds Romeo dead beside her. Juliet loves Romeo so much that she stabs herself with a dagger. friar Lawrance comes to notify Romeo that Juliet isn't actually dead but finds them both dead.
  • Friar notifies the families and it wasn't until seeing the two teens dead that the family's feud finally ended and they made up.THE END