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Heroes Journey
Updated: 9/16/2020
Heroes Journey
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  • Stage 1 and 2
  • Come defeat the evil,HERO!
  • Hehe!
  • Stage 3 and 4
  • I can't Help you!I'm not your knight.
  • Fine!!!
  • I need "The Sword of Infinity
  • Here it is brave knight!
  • Stage 5 and 6
  • Goodbye NY,I will be back soon
  • Fine, then DIE!
  • Move aside foul beasts!
  • Rahh!!
  • Help!
  • Stage 1-Our hero resides in an Unfamiliar land of Upstate NYStage 2-But then the hero is called upon to kill a beast that has terrorized the cave village.
  • Stage 7 and 8
  • I'm scared but I will still FIGHT!
  • Oh..REALLY!
  • Stage 3-Our hero does not want to go at first because he needs to protect his home of Upstate NY,buy a boy pleads with him to help.Stage 4-The knight goes to the "Temple of Stalls" to get the "Sword of Infinity" from the monk of pain.
  • Stage 9 and 10
  • Please help them
  • Finally back with my Ancient sword of truth.
  • Hope there is no danger afoot
  • Stage 5-The Black Knight goes on his way and has to say goodbye to his beloved city,but here are more pressing matters to attend to.Stage 6-As the knight walks out of the city a gang of zombies blocked the way,so he had to use his sword.He see's that they captured a woman and he saves her.Then they team up to fight the dragon together.
  • Stage 11 and 12
  • Finally back to where I belong...
  • Home...
  • Let me tell you a story about me...
  • Stage 7-As our hero's approach the cave of wonders lain has second thoughts,then the brave knight shares a story from his childhood to lain and how he is afraid of skeletons ;)Stage 8-Lain and the Black Knight enter the cave and are met by a huge 50 foot skeleton,even though our hero is scared he fights and defeats the foe!
  • Are you sure you want to continue?
  • Stage 9-Our hero and the beast battle but the Black Knight defeats the beast and is given the "Ancient Sword of Truth".Stage 10-Our hero returns home with his newly acquired "Ancient Sword of Truth.But something is not right...
  • Oww...I am defeated.
  • Whoa there is another beast...
  • Stage 11-On the way back our hero is met by one more dreaded monster.but in the end he defeats him!Stage 12-The brave Black Knight returns home and lives happily ever after. THE END
  • Then DIE!!!
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