The New Deal Comic
Updated: 3/12/2020
The New Deal Comic

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  • How am I gonna feed my kids...
  • come kids let's go back inside the house. your father will be here any minute.
  • I don't want to go inside yet i want to keep playing!!!!
  • Don't be mean to mom Jimmy.
  • Where can Tom be. We haven't ate since yesterday.
  • I'm so hungry mom!!!
  • Where's daddy mom?
  • Tom just got fired from his job at the docks and doesn't know how to make money to support his family.
  • Are you really gonna give me all that money sir thank you. What is your name ?
  • I want to help you and your family because your the real hero. My name is million dollar man.
  • Toms wife and kids are having a little conflict but don't know anything about Toms bad news..
  • Tom's wife and kids are starving and Tom hasn't come home...
  • Tom meets million dollar man.
  • Tom is buying food for his family.
  • Tom bought a house that day and had a feast that night. Never being in poverty again