Kappa & Siren
Updated: 3/18/2020
Kappa & Siren

Storyboard Description

Kappa goes into the rumoured unknown of some scrolls. There is believed to be a treasure which can grant you a single wish, and Kappa is determined to find it. Little did he expect to have found an actual living being that had been trapped.

Storyboard Text

  • He was surprised to have found Syrus, a living avian. Syrus tells
  • Yomai had heard of a mysterious vessel that lay within a secret dungeon, of which could grant wishes.
  • Yomai of how he has been locked up for days, and the people who took him were planning to kill him to fulfill their ancestors' prophecy.
  • Although it was hard, Yomai managed to slip past a few guards that were present.
  • We should think of a plan..
  • Could you help me escape?
  • The two of them managed to escape the dungeon without being seen nor attacked.