2nd story for science
Updated: 3/12/2020
2nd story for science

Storyboard Text

  • The lake water is evaporated from the animal and is now moving up the the clouds.
  • Finally! I'm out of the animal but why am i floating like i'm evaporating? I didn't stop by any plants. I totally didn't transpire.
  • You were going to the clouds. Your falling now! It's called precipitation.
  • Water condenses and falls from the clouds at precipitation. Soil hear a new voice telling her this process.
  • What is going on! Why was I floating?
  • Hi, I'm soil. Why was I in a cloud?
  • I would but I think we are heading down to your river.I also feel very wet.
  • Ice melts from the ice glacier and soil feels wet. That's called condensation when cold air when hot air mixes.
  • Hi, I'm river. You were in my river at the start.
  • It's a part of our life cycle. We all move somewhere. So, tell me where you have been.
  • As river is evaporated and precipitated from the glacier the river is flowing down hill into the ocean.
  • This place is beautiful. I could just respire this beautiful air.
  • Yes! I'm back home! I could just respire the beautiful air!
  • Sorry river, you weren't at your river for long but we may get to go back.
  • It's okay, but i don't think we could got back. The clouds are out.
  • Hey, want to go swimming?
  • We are swimming in excreat! Waste products!