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Updated: 3/19/2021
Unknown Story

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  • dad:sorry I am stuck at work so we can't go eat out for dinner
  • She sees a quote that Tracie post and she relates to.
  • And its always the people who are close to you
  • I feel this 100%.🤤"replying to Marie video
  • no problem I'm just telling the truth
  • not you tryna flirt
  • Yeah its sad, and thank you❤️
  • Tracey sends a pic of Marie to his friend group chat.
  • You pulled a rich girl.
  • marie is a rich YouTuber, look this her official page.
  • You have been catfish!!
  • congratulations, my boy
  • Y'all, I think I found the one.
  • her phones fall and she is in shock
  • is this you??
  • yea its me
  • Why you lie to me?