simones refugee project
Updated: 5/20/2020
simones refugee project

Storyboard Text

  • beginning the lead to the middle was whenmahmud and his family got arrested, for trying to cross the border in to Hungary. so they got sent to a refugee detention center.
  • come back or you will be arrested!
  • what are you doingmahmud!
  • middle or climax the middle was when mahmud became visible by walking out of the center with the other refugees following him. this is when he started his 12 hour walk to Austria with people cheering them on .
  • end the climaxes ended when, mahmuds family arrives inAustria and finds a host family that they could live with.
  • THE TURNING POINT the turning point was when mahmud realized in order to get the help, he, his family and theother refugees needed, they needed to become visible so people could see the problem
  • THE RESOLUTION the resolution was when Mahmud shared his story ofloosing his sister with Ruthe, and she told him about her brother.
  • CHANGE if I was the author I would fine a way to incorporateHana and what happened to her. For example did they find her?