The Anthem
Updated: 3/4/2020
The Anthem

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  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 1
  • What is this place??
  • Chapter 2
  • You are beautiful, Liberty 5-3000.
  • In the introduction of the anthem, we learn a little bit of background about how Equality and his brothers live their lives. They seem to live a sad life and everything is the same. "The sleeping halls are white and clean bare of all things save one hundred beds."
  • Chapter 2
  • In chapter one Equality also finds a tunnel. He figures that it was built by men in the Unmentionable times as he says "We knew suddenly that this place was left from Unmentionable Times". He goes to the tunnel every night to write something in his journal about how he lives his life. "
  • Chapter 3
  • Equality meets Liberty 5-300, his love interest in this chapter. Men and women aren't supposed to have any type of interaction. They talk for the first time and he says "You are beautiful, Liberty 5-3000."
  • Chapter 4
  • Speak these words again.
  • Equality also thinks about the unspeakable word a lot. We learn that saying this word results in death. He remembers seeing someone being punished by a flame set to the pyre for saying this word and the guy had a joyful look on his face. He says this quote as he watches him burn "There was only joy in them, and pride."
  • What is the unspeakable word??
  • In chapter 3 equality discovers electricity. As he studies more he realizes that what he has been learning is a lie. Which society believes that the scholars know all things. "Now we know that metal draws the power of the sky, and that metal can be made to give it forth."
  • In chapter 4 Equality and Liberty have another interaction. Equality shares his nickname for her which is "The Golden One" and Liberty shares her nickname for him "The Unconquered". He also called her "Our dearest one". No man had ever said this before to a women and she was surprised so she said "Speak these words again".
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