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Updated: 1/8/2020
social studie
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  • Early Life
  • Hunting creek Plantation.
  • Hi welcome to my childhood home I inherited part of it when my dad died, I was 11 and I also inherited slaves
  • Early Life
  • When I was 16 I started to scout and plot land in Virginia with my brother.
  • Virginia
  • Revolutionary War
  • I the commanding general in the revolutionary war. I made decisions that effected the outcome of the war.
  • George Washinton (1732–1799) lived on a plantation of tabacco farmers his family owned it. His father died and he took over his half brother and part of the estate. and he was home schooled their from 7-15
  • Secret Spy Network
  • Spy network
  • In 1748, when he was 16, George traveled with a surveying party plotting land in Virginia’s western territory. The next year helped by Lord Fairfax, Washington received an appointment as official surveyor of Culpeper County.
  • Role in the constitution
  • He was a General and he was the commander of the army, he also recruited people and used ideas that led to victory over the british. This happened in 1775-1783
  • First President
  • v
  • George Washington managed a spy network in british occupied New York that got information from the british and delivered it to George Washinton to help with the war.
  • I managed a secret spy network here in British occupied New York.
  • He helped write the constitution, George always wanted to have a debate before a decision with the constitution was made. He implemented new ways to deal with foriegn threats.
  • I helped write the constitution. I was also elected chief of Congress
  • George Washinton was the first president of the U.S.A.he set up protocols in the new government's executive department. He tried to decline a salary of 25000, wich is about 1/2 million today. He was the person that wanted to be called Mr. President instead of somthing traditional.
  • I am the 1st president of the U.S.A
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