Frankish Events
Updated: 2/14/2020
Frankish Events
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  • Where are you guys going???
  • Clovis becomes the first Frankish King to convert to Christianity, after he won the battle. In the picture Clovis is kneeling down praying after he has converted.
  • Charles Martel wins the battle of Tours against the Arab and Berber Muslims. They retreated to keep their resources safe.
  • Get backup!
  • Pepin "The Short" removes the king and is annointed by the Pope, and starts a new line of kings, dynasties, with the help of the Pope and nobles. Pepin goes onto protect the church and helped establish its power in Western Europe.
  • Charlemagne spreads Christianity, "at the tip of a sword." He forced people to convert, which lead the people to become more unified culturually.
  • Roland died in the battlefield, while waiting for back up. Roland told the army to go foward and call for reinforcements because he knew that the group he had wouldn't be able to stop them.
  • Louis the Pious divides the kingdom between his three sons, so that if one is corrupt, the other can keep each other in line but it doesn't work out like that.
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