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Kublai Khan- Emily Barajas
Updated: 8/31/2020
Kublai Khan- Emily Barajas
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My Storyboard 8/31/20

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  • This is Kublai Khan. He is the first non- Chinese ruler of China.
  • He installed fear in his subjects. He even had two mechanical lions that looked like lions, guarding his throne.
  • Kublai Khan created a postal system so that he could send messages from place to place quickly. The deliverers road on horses that were changed periodically through the trip.
  • Kublai Khan ordered for there to be Yurts build in the Imperial garden to make the Mongols happy. He also ordered for there to be a square of grass from Mongolia, because the mongols were getting homesick. This helped him to keep control, because happy subjects equal a smaller chance of a rebellion.
  • He had a great army, and he had a lot of loyal followers. If he had loyal followers that liked him, then they could convince the people that were against Kublai to like him.
  • That is how Kublai Khan kept control over his people.
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