Updated: 12/1/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Yeah all these taxes are making me mad!
  • March 1765The Stamp Act
  • And now we will have to pay tax on our paper goods, because of the stamp act!
  • Taxes Will be Placed on tea and other everyday Items.
  • The Townshend ActsJune-July 1767
  • More taxes???
  • If these people wouldn't have rioted 5 people wouldn't have died.
  • Boston MassacreMarch 1770
  • The Boston Tea PartyDecember 1773
  • The Sons of Liberty dressed as native Americans to sneak on a ship and dump all the tea
  • In response to the Boston Tea Party we will...
  • ...replace the colony’s elected council with one appointed by the British...
  • ...close Boston Harbor until restitution can be paid for the destroyed tea...
  • The Coercive ActsMarch-June 1774
  • The British Government
  • ...give sweeping powers to the British military governor General Thomas Gage...
  • ...and forbade town meetings without approval.
  • The British General led an attack from Boston to Lexington planning to capture Sam Adams and John Hancock then take there gunpowder, but American spies got wind of the plan and helped get ready for the British
  • Lexington and ConcordApril 1775