Newton's Laws
Updated: 5/2/2020
Newton's Laws

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  • No James, I actually came here to ask you what Newton's First Law is.
  • Oh yeah I see the bone. so there are a lot of other things that have newton's First law in them?
  • Wow, There more Newton's law tell me about them tomorrow.
  • Yep there are a lot of thing that have Newton's First law and other Newton's Laws in them
  • you see that bone over there. It's not moving so it's at rest so it stays at rest.
  • Okay will do
  • hey. Ava have you heard about Newton's First Law?
  • So what's Newton's second Law?
  • okay, let's go
  • that interesting could you tell me about the third law?
  • yeah, let's go somewhere I can show you example
  • the second law is when you applied force on this rock newton's cause they rock to slightly move
  • so what's the last Law?
  • Will do.
  • Thanks I really enjoyed learning this.
  • Glad you enjoyed, come back for information
  • The last law is if you are pushing against the wall your punishing with action force and reaction force is coming back