Updated: 9/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • we where all going on a hike. Maya (far left) was very alacrity. Jake (far right) was ver agile and wasnt wanting to come.
  • Gasp! this is abstruce. we will have lots of fun!
  • why do we have to go on a hike?
  • Ahh what will we do!!!
  • where are we?
  • We took an abberation and got lost. Maya was far off from agatation. I (blonde) was adjacent to max (guy in sweatshirt). Max was trying to adapt to the situation.
  • now can we make this trip adbridge.
  • ooh so pretty!!
  • We made it to the acme of the moutain. We found a little dog that was abandoned on are way up and now Hes ours. We saw a plane and it was aerodinamic.