La Grande Paix de Montréal
Updated: 3/2/2021
La Grande Paix de Montréal

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La Grande Paix de Montréal

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  • I feel like where going in circles
  • The french were at sea to find a new land to settle in that land is Canada.
  • What the french didn't know is that it was already other people's land those people are first nations and there are many different groups of them.
  • The french and first nation's created the fur trade were they traded furs for guns, beads and shoes
  • Some first nation's didn't agree with the french and war began to brake out.
  • Countless people died in a pointless war so someone chose to change. He invited all of the first nations to come together in a peaceful agreement. Many of them had to travel very far to reach the meeting which was in Montreal they went by horseback, canoe or foot.
  • The first nations arrive to Montreal and start to discuss the terms of the treaty