Anna and Andre
Updated: 4/29/2020
Anna and Andre

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  • 2. I live at Kashihan Street No.11. And you?
  • 4. Nice idea! I agree with you.
  • 3. Wow! Apparently our house is close. I live at Kashihan Street No.5. How about we study together in my house after school?
  • 1. By the way, where is your home, Anna?
  • 3. We want to study together at Andre's home.
  • 1. Hi, Alan. where are you going?
  • 2. Hello, Andre and Anna. I want to go to bookstore. How about you?
  • 2. Hello, Anna. I'm Angga. Nice too meet you.
  • 1. Anna, he is Angga, my younger brother.
  • 3. Hi, Angga! I am Anna. Nice too meet you.
  • After finishing the class, Andre and Anna take a rest and go to canteen. They have a plan to study together in Andre's house.
  • 3. Hello, ma'am. I am Anna, Andre's new friend.
  • Andre and Anne going to Andre's house. While on their way home, they meet Anne's uncle.
  • 1. I'm so confused about this. Can you explain to me?
  • 2. Of course, I will explain about this.
  • 1. Thank you, ma'am and Andre for allowing me to study together here.
  • When they arrived at Andre's house, Andre introduced his younger brother to Anne.
  • 2. Anytime, Anna. You can often study with Andre here.
  • Seeing the arrival of Andre, her mother approached. Andre also introduced Anne to his mother, then they acquainted each other.
  • 1. Andre, you are home. Is she your new friend at school?
  • 2. Yes, mom! She is my friend, Anne.
  • In the midst of learning, Anne did not understand English about number 10. She asked Andre, then Andre explained it to Anne.
  • When studying together was over, Anne said goodbye and thanked Andre and his mother for letting her study together at their house.
  • 3. See you later, Anna!