Updated: 2/22/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Earthquakes can cause splits in the ground that can make canons like this one.
  • Earthquakes effect lots of places like the Artic and other places with glaciers. Earthquakes effect the glaciers by the shaking that makes them either fall and break in the water or can cause them to break about.
  • Earthquakes interact with all the spheres. They interact with Atmosphere by the that Earthquakes cause if the shaking is really strong and that causes a building to fall over then there will be dust in the Atmosphere.Then Earthquakes interact with the Hydrosphere because they can acer in the oceans like Tsunamis.
  • Earthquakes interact with the Biosphere by either badly hurting or killing living things. Finally Earthquakes interact with the Geosphere by splitting holes in the ground, they also can cause landslides that causes rocks to fall and break-apart.