Updated: 10/23/2020

Storyboard Description

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Storyboard Text

  • exposition
  • initiating event
  • rising action
  • goldilocks was never the smartest girl and she never will be no one really likes her so people never believed her on what happened that day. goldilocks walked into a house smelling some delicious porridge. she took off her mask and started exploring.
  • rising action
  • she found a kitchen with 3 bowls of porridge, she took a bite of the first bowl " this is to hot" she moaned she took another bite from a bowl " this is to cold " she spat she took a bite of the 3rd bowl " this is just right" and she ate it all up and explored some more
  • rising action/ climax
  • she then found a living room with 3 chairs she sat on the first chair " this is to hard" she complained she sat on the second one and said" this is to soft" she moaned then she sat on the third one " this is just right" she said and then the chair broke
  • falling action/ solution
  • she walked up stairs and found a room with 3 beds she layed on the first one " this is to hard " she said she layed on the next one " this is to soft " she said she layed on the next one and said " this is just right and fell right a sleep
  • meanwhile the family of bears had got home and they weren't happy with their home especially baby bear "who ate my food and broke my chair" he whined they then walked in there room and found out who was doing it all
  • goldilocks ran out of there as fast as she could and she never went back there again,
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