Broken Blade by: Shelby Ellis hour: 2
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade by: Shelby Ellis hour: 2

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  • Goodbye!!
  • OW! My blisters hurt!
  • Ahhhhhh NO!!!!!
  • La Londe!!!!
  • After my father cut his thumb I feel guilty so I decided to walk past the school and go to my fathers work sight which I volunteered to take his job.I have decided to go on my first trip but I have left behind the thing I treasure most, my family. I thought I would regret this choice but after I said goodbye to everyone I knew it was the right choice for me and for my family.
  • Not again!
  • The first couple days were really rough and my hands are still extremely blistered but I have to settle through the hard times. A duck was killed for supper and we had duck soup with corn and pork. I have already been made fun of and the other voyageurs tricked me and put musket balls in my pack which weighed the same as two normal packs. We also passed St. Anne's Church and left a donation in memory.
  • Hi!!!!
  • We went through our first set of rapids and it was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. La Londe tried to help us through the rapids but it was too late and he fell overboard. I am very sad about this and he should have decided to do the portage. The rapids were so crazy that the waves almost covered the whole canoe and we all could have died.
  • Dad I'm home!!!!!!!Shhhhh don't tell mom!
  • We got into some dangerous water again and we almost didn't make it. Beloit still makes fun of me even after La Londe's death. Beloit and Bellegarde got into a huge fight again and everybody thought one of them was surely going to be dead.
  • We FINALLY made it to Grand Portage. I was so glad to see that first mark of land and when we got here I was even happier. Charbonneau and I went for a walk when we came upon one of his old friends and his daughter. This girl reminded me of everything sweet I could ever think of. I was thinking when they invited us for dinner and she really reminded me of Celeste.
  • I had to make the hardest decision I have ever made, but in the end I decided to go back to Lachine with my brigade. Yes, I know that I would be leaving Mckay and all the friends that I met but I know my family missed me. I also missed my family too, but I know that I definetly will be returning next spring. Once I made it home, I could already hear my father chopping wood but I knew that he trusted himself again and that he trusted me.