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Updated: 2/10/2021
history comic

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  • When Adams left, he appointed Marbury to a job, Jefferson and Madison didn't like him and didn't want to give him the job.
  • Adams Appointed Marbury. Trash these papers. We don't like him, Maddison
  • Yes Jefferson
  • Jefferson will pay for this
  • My papers are gone and now I can't have my job as I should
  • Im taking this to the Supreme Court
  • Because of the Judiciary Act, Marbury could go to the court to state his case which he deemed unconstitutional
  • Marbury took this to the supreme court to try and get his job back, but was disappointed when he was denied
  • We will not make Madison and Jefferson turnover the papers or give him the job.
  • Even though Marbury should have the job, we don't have the power to appoint him to it.
  • YES
  • The supreme court didn't like the fact that they could not do anything and ended up creating Judicial review.
  • We need to make a new law. we should have more power and be able to do things.
  • We should put the act under judicial review so that we can make things more even
  • This case set a model for other judges and layers. the Judicial branch can now check the power of other branches and have the court more power then it had before
  • This new law has shaped the supreme court and is still in affect hundreds of years later.
  • Jefferson and the republians didn't like this because the court was controled by frderalist, but in the end had to agree to it because they had no choice.
  • Fine I will accept it
  • This is unconstitutional!!
  • You have to deal with it. even though the federalist rule the court, you have to deal with it.