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Updated: 9/28/2021
Unknown Story

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  • December 1606
  • May 14,1607
  • 1607
  • The British departed for the New world in December 1606 with 144 colonists. They were sent by the Virginia Company of London
  • May 1607- January 1608
  • The British arrived in the New World on May 14, 1607 with only 104 colonist that made it out of 144. They landed in Chesapeake Bay up the James River.
  • September 1608
  • Jamestown was established by the British in 1607 up the James river by colonists
  • 1629
  • The first winter for the colonists was tuff, they had to face a lot of hardship like, dieases, unfamilar climate and lack of of food. By January 1608 only 38 colonists were alive
  • In september John Smith reached an agreement with Chief Powhatan to set up trade and help them get out of hardships.
  • After lots and lots of arguments with the Powhatan tribe and after king james died, king charles took over and reestablished the house of burgesses and influenced political leadarship .