Unknown Story

Updated: 9/26/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • When God created the world and everything in it and he made man in his own image to live here to take care of the World
  • but humans started doing evil things and stopped following his commands. They did not pray to him and they only cared for their own comfort
  • God decided to destroy the earth and everybody around it
  • there is only one man who loved God and his name is NoahHe believed in God and he also taught his family to fear and love God.
  • NOAH
  • I will follow you Lord
  • You are a good man Noah and a righteous man but the world became evil and all of people deserves to die. The world has to be destroyedI will send a great flood, it will rain without end for 40 days. but do not fear Noah. I have come to warn you and your family to survive the flood.
  • You will have to build an ark, you will build this ark to protect your family from it and also take many animals as possible with you. do not worry I will give you all the instructions you need. You need to mend with people to change their ways and to follow me