Boston Tea Party
Updated: 2/5/2020
Boston Tea Party

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  • We need money!!
  • Britain officially wins French & Indian War in 1763 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris of 1763. The war provided Great Britain enormous territorial gains in North America
  • Britain is in debt due to the cost of the French and Indian War. Britain needs to find a way to return money to the government.
  • Britain heavily taxes the colonists by enacting the Sugar Act (1764), Stamp Act (1765), and the Tea Act (1773). Britain feels colonists should pay higher taxes because Britain was fighting for their protection.
  • The colonists began to boycott British goods, claiming that these taxes violated their rights as British citizens. Colonists boycotted glass, paper, lead, paint, and tea imported from Britain.
  • To oppose the Tea Act, the Sons of Liberty dress up as Native Americans and dump roughly 46 tons of tea into the Boston Harbor (Dec 16, 1773). This was a major step in the American Revolution.
  • The Intolerable Acts were set as a punishment against the colonists for committing the Boston Tea Party. The Intolerable Acts included The Boston Port Act, The Administration of Justice Act, The Massachusetts Government Act, and The Quartering Act.