4 friends

Updated: 6/16/2021
4 friends

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  • Hi Friends. How about your holidays?
  • Hi, I wasplanning to travel to Europe but my work tells me that I have just a week ofvacation, so now I am thinking of traveling to Galápagos.
  • So bad, In mycase I traveled with my family to Salinas Beach, where I was eating Seafood, Isaw the other table and there was my boyfriend. He wanted to give me asurprise. And you Gladys?
  • Really?
  • Arelys remembers the moment ...
  • I camped in Ibarra and while I was setting up the tent I heard a verystrange sound so I went to see what happened and I found a little bird thatfell from its nest. Then I climb the tree with the bird
  • Well, I went toPanama, because my brothers live there, but something strange happened becausewhen I was at the airport my bags got lost and then they returned them to mebut my favorite boots were missing
  • Funny experiences guys...
  • Where was Anahigoing during the last holidays?