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Updated: 9/10/2020
LOTF Storyboard

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  • Discovering the Island
  • It looks like an island. Are there any parents?
  • What happened? Where are the others?
  • The Conch
  • Blow into the conch to call the rest to us.
  • Chief
  • You can help Jack.
  • We all want Ralph as leader!
  • These two boys were on a plane during the British evacuation. Their plane crashed on a deserted island. The one is excited for new freedom and the other is scared.
  • Piggy points out a conch to Ralph which Ralph blows into in order to call the remaining boys from the crash over to them. Along with these boys come the choir boys, who is led by Jack.
  • The idea of a chief is brought up and Jack, as leader of the choir boys, believes that he should have it. A poll is taken and the majority of the boys choose Ralph as the leader, but Ralph still lets Jack help him.