Updated: 2/10/2020

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English 10

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  • Sooth: 'Beware of the Idles of March"
  • Ceasar: "He is a dreamer, let us leave him".
  • Cassius:"A man of such a feeble temper [Caesar] should, so get the start of the majestic wor And bear the palm alone"
  • Brutus:"I will consider; what you have to say...with patience and time"
  • Caesar:" I cannot accept such a thing."
  • Casca:"I saw Marc Antony offer him a crown...Caesar refused the crown [for the third time]".
  • Cassius:"I will wear this dagger then [allow Caesar to become king
  • Caesar's arrival is interrupted by a soothsayer who warns him about something bad occurring on March 15th. This will be the day Caesar dies.
  • Cinna:"If only we could get Brutus to join us"
  • Casca:"If you join me, I'll go as far as I need to, to stop Caesar"
  • The first attempt where Cassius tries to get Brutus to see the bad side of Caesar.
  • Cassius"Nay,we will all...fetch him"
  • Cinna"By the [eighth hour] is the least hour we'll do it"
  • Brutus:"ill join"
  • Casca tells the events of when Caesar rejects the crown after being offered it by Marc Antony.
  • Calphurnia"Do not go forth today. Call it my fear
  • Decius"Calphurnia's dream signifies that you will give Rome reviving blood which many will want"
  • Caesar"How foolish do your fears seem now, Calpurnia!..I will go"
  • The conspirators meet and discuss their plans about stopping Caesar and convincing Brutus to join.
  • Brutus decides to join and they discuss how to assassinate Caesar.
  • Calphurnia has a dream about something bad happening to Caesar. Decius convinces Caesar to go accept the crown.