Bad day in life
Updated: 2/5/2021
Bad day in life

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  • I stayed up late the night before and therefore, woke up late and lost the whole morning when I could've been productive.
  • I sat in bed trying to watch my lectures but spent a lot of the time distracted on my phone and got very little done.
  • I went downstairs to the kitchen to make some food but the kitchen was very messy and full of dirty pans and it was raining.
  • Went back to my room and felt overwhelmed by all the work I had to do.
  • I didn't get to go outside for any exercise because of all the work I had to do.
  • I didn't have any food in to make a nice, healthy meal so I just ate plain pasta and felt bloated afterwards.
  • Spent the evening stuck in the house watching a boring TV series.
  • Felt overwhelmed by the fact that tomorrow is likely to be an equally as boring day and spent time scrolling through Instagram which made me even more sad that we are stuck inside.