The Geography and Early Development of Rome
Updated: 12/9/2020
The Geography and Early Development of Rome

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  • The Location and Geography of Rome
  • The Myth of Romulus and Remus
  • The Etruscan Influence of Engineering on the Romans
  • In 700 BCE, the Latin tribe built the village that eventtualy became Rome. They built their village on the Palatine. The geography is mountainous and rocky.
  • The Etruscan Influence of Sports on the Romans
  • Romulus and Romus´ dad was the father of Mars, the Roman god of War. The two boys almost got drowned into the river so they couldnt be on a throne. But before they did, a wolf saved them.
  • The Greek Influence of Architecture on the Roman Civilization
  • The Romans were one of the best builders because they learned better techniques about engineering and the science of building. They used arches to build public buildings.
  • The Greek Influence of Writing, Art, and Religion on the Romans
  • Sports in Greece were very different from sports played now. In Greece, they had chariots, fights that also included severe injuries and possibly death, boxing, and wrestling. They also fought with tigers and lions.
  • In Greece, the architecture was built with concrete. They also built temples with coloumns and which were also built with concrete. The Circus Maximus, where people watched chariot races, could seat more than 200,000 spectators. Greek architecture was one important influence on the Romans.
  • People made art with pottery and painted designs. They used this art for beauty and decoration. They also stored water or wine in the pottery.
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