Russian revolution
Updated: 12/20/2019
Russian revolution
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  • Bloody Sunday
  • Rasputin
  • February Revolution
  • Give it now
  • come on already
  • I want my bread
  • Bloody Sunday happen on January 22nd 1905 when presents and industrial workers went to czars palace for more personal freedom, better work conditions and have someone to represent them in government. This caused guards to open fire and kill 500 to 1000 protesters
  • October Revolution
  • Yay!!! Im so happy
  • please, just let me out
  • While Czar was with the troops at war, Rasputin gained the royal families trust and started making important political decisions. Citizen knew that to get their freedom back Rasputin needed to go. Four men invited him to dinner to poison him, but it didn't work, so they shot him and assumed he was dead. He ran off and they shot him more and finally tied him up and threw his body in the Neva River while he was still alive.
  • Red Terror
  • I want to live
  • Women workers were angry over the shortage of bread so they started a protest, men factory workers joined in so Nicholas ll sent in troops. The troops refused to do anything and some joined the protest so Nicholas ll dissolved the Duma. They created a temporary government for the time being but since Nicholas ll lost control of his army he stepped down form being Czar.
  • War Communism
  • Leave us alone
  • You cant take our food
  • Lenin wanted to overthrow the temporary government as soon as he got back from exile but not many people were on his side. Soon after they started failing in the was and many people started agreeing with him and their slogan was "Land, Peace, Bread". He soon stared taking over and quickly the temporary government backed down and he was able to give the people what he promised. This was the second revolution and hardly any shots were fired.
  • Food
  • The communist wanted total power so Lenin ordered secret police to arrest and execute any person that was jeopardizing his power. when people were arrested they were in harsh conditions and often died. Lenin killed over 300,000 people, including czar and his family because he thought for the revolution was going to survive is if the Bolshevik was in control.
  • Lenin stared war communism which meant that all private businesses and industries. The workers who knew what it meant went on strike but peasant were forced to produce crops for the army. Lenin Red Army was sent to retrieve the crops from the peasants and the unhappy peasants revolted against him.
  • Let us work
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