All Hail!
Updated: 4/20/2020
All Hail!
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Part 2

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  • HaHaHaHaHaHa
  • Hmmmmm
  • huh?
  • YES!
  • h-how?
  • What hapenned?
  • The Evil Masked Man laughed and laughed,but Jasmine saw somethind flash out the corner of her eye!What could it be?
  • It was a mind control box,of course!Jasmine was able to turn it off,but knew it was not yet the endof the fight.
  • You said it!
  • Yeah!
  • With the mind control machine off,the Evil Masked Man was very,very confused.this meant Jasmine had won!The Evil Masked Man disapeared as Jasmine and her friends celebrated.
  • When Jasmine sat on her throne,the throne room gained it's color back.It was so pretty!Happieness was restored once again and all was calm.Julie and Amber deciced to head home but thanked Jasmine for saving them.
  • In the evening,the town's people decided to celebrate the Evil Masked Man's defeat with a huge party in the ball room.Jasmine changed into her gown and had a blast.
  • At night,all Jasmine could think about was how she stopped the Evil Masked Man,and saved the day!She was just so relived that everyone was safe.What a day,What an adventure.
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