"Ghost of the Lagoon"
Updated: 3/16/2021
"Ghost of the Lagoon"

Storyboard Text

  • One night, Tupa came out and killed three people on a canoe.
  • We are running out of banana's! Mako, can you go get some banana's?
  • OK
  • Meeting the characters from Bora Bora, Mako and his dog, Afa.
  • Let's go get some banana's. I should also get some oranges as well.
  • His grandfather telling him a scary story about Tupa, ghost of the lagoon.
  • Oh no! Tupa is attacking us, I must throw mu fishing spear to kill him.
  • Mako's mom tells Mako to go get more banana's because they are running out.
  • Mako has killed Tupa!
  • Mako goes get banana's and oranges.
  • Tupa tries to attack Mako and his dog, Afa.
  • Mako kills Tupa